Our brand has a custom-made story. It is one that stems from the beauty and spirit born out of the diverse African cultures. We design our fashion to empower by creating bold styles that are edgy with an air of sophistication. Each design is locked together with stitches of ‘paradox’ details that make your presence known, without demanding attention. We make statements and not just garments-statements that are silently worn but speak loudly through unique and timeless styles. It is this interweaving that endows high quality, creative and rich detail to our brand. A unique story is engraved in each design as a reflection of the true beauty that withstands time and exterior hardships. Such beauty is interwoven with our understanding of the women who wear and associate themselves with our brand.

“My vision is in creating a brand that effectively sends out a message of hope through its style, work ethic and identity. Inspiring people to dream and live in purpose against all odds.”

– Rumbie-